In the story...

    ANNE DIXON is at a crossroad—with her teenage son, JASON; her career; and her love life. Widowed when her son was a baby, she struggled to move up the ladder in the competitive corporate fashion world and make a home for her child, forgoing romantic relationships. When a chance at love and a new career in couture dress design beckon, she grabs the opportunity. She unknowingly builds a wall between herself and her son when she temporarily leaves JASON with her parents for a job in Paris. Even though pangs of regret and guilt about her decision haunt her, she forges ahead, feeling driven to carry out her plan.
     JASON, unhappy with his mother’s choices, finds some solace in a growing bond with his grandparents and his dog, CUBBIE. His circle of life shifts, as he learns to treasure their love and support. Can the lessons they teach help him overcome the pain of his mother’s perceived defection?
     Years later, JASON has become completely alienated from his mother, refusing to tear down the wall between them. He is successful, but hurt and bitter. His life consists mainly of work and shallow relationships with women he doesn’t respect. His reaction to any disloyalty is to withdraw, punishing the perpetrator. The focus of his affection has shifted to his grandmother.
     When a serendipitous encounter introduces Jason to COURTNEY TAYLOR, a spiritual optimist with an undeniable appeal, he finds himself opening up to possibilities—for love, trust, and maybe, forgiveness.
     COURTNEY looks beyond JASON’S harsh attitude toward his mother, recognizing his caring nature from the relationship he has with his grandmother, and gambles her own heart on him. Can JASON learn tolerance and acceptance from COURTNEY?
     Can COURTNEY break down his wall and create a bridge? Perhaps. . . in proper time.